Tony Shap, CPP

Award-Winning FinTech Executive | Top-Rated Podcast Host

Ranked #11, Fastest Growing Companies in America

I regularly publish insights and strategies about payment processing for the benefit of merchants, CFOs, and industry associations.

About Tony Shap

My company was ranked by Inc. magazine as the 11th fastest growing company in the country.Breaking into the Inc. 5000 isn’t easy. Do the math, and you’ll find that only 15 companies per million people make the cut.Reflecting on this achievement, I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve learned that got us there:Hustle
You’ve got to hustle to make things happen. You can’t be a slacker your way to success.
Find a Coach/Mentor
Mentors will guide you and bring outside experience to the table, sharing valuable insights and saving you years of learning the hard way.
Hire Slow, Fire Fast
One bad apple spoils the (whole) barrel. Nothing discourages your best people more than watching your worst people take advantage of your company and its teams.
Have Fun
It’s essential to have a relaxed, fun environment where people can be themselves. It encourages camaraderie and goodwill, which prevent office politics.
Go Beyond the Ordinary
You have to do what’s beyond the ordinary to get results that go beyond the ordinary.

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